Recognition Current Competency (RCC) LSP ISI Mapping Survey

9-10 May 2019

On 9-10 May 2019 the ISI Mapping Survey held a Recognition Current Competency (RCC) at the ISI Head Office in Jakarta. The RCC was guided by Ms. Sutri Lasmini and Ms. Ri Bernadetha as a Master Assessors from the National Professional Certification Agency (BNSP), followed by 14 LSP Assessors of ISI Mapping Survey and 9 Assessors from the others. The purpose of this RCC is to extend the validity period of the Assessor Competency Certificate.
Perhaps that RCC participants can improve and be able to re-understand the competency certification of policies system, plan assessment activities and processes, contribute to assessment validation, carry out assessments, and assess competencies.

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