The Participation of Indonesian Surveyor Association in 2019 SEASC Darwin

Darwin, 15 - 18 Agustus 2019

South East Asia Survey Congress (SEASC) is a bi-annual event ASEANFLAG (Asean Federation Land Surveyors and Geomatics). After two previous years was held in Brunei Darussalam in 2019 is the host SEASC was Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI) Australia. SSSI is the peak professional association of surveyors in Australia. Although Australia is not part of ASEAN countries, but Australia is one of the countries who are partners ASEANFLAG.

2019 SEASC lasts 4 days, 15 to August 18, 2019 at the Darwin Convention Center, with the theme of Collaboration, Communication, and Capacity Building. About 400 participants attend this congress, more than 20 key speakers at plenary sessions and workshops, and more than 100 paper / paper presented at the technical session. Participants came from various countries, not only the ASEAN countries, but also Europe, East Asia and Pacific countries. Most participants berasar domination of Australia approximately 50-60%, followed by Malaysia, and the Philippines. While originating from Indonesia, there are 13 people who participated, namely Prof. Dr. Ir. Hasanuddin Z. Abidin (Head BIG), Dr. Sumaryono (Head of Human Resources Development and Industrial BIG), Ir. Sugeng Prijadi M.App.Sc (BIG), Ryan Pribadi (BIG), Sofan Prihadi (Chairman APSPIG), Adhy Ruchiatan (APSPIG / ASEANFLAG), Andi Putra P. (ISI), Dr. Bambang Edhi Leknoso (ITB), Zachary Afif (ITB), Willy Gomarga (ITB), Luki Danardi (PT. Waskita), Fahmi Abdulaziz (PT. Waskita), and Fiska Sari Dewi (PT. Waskita).

The SEASC was carried out very conducive and the enthusiasm of the participants was very high. Although the capacity of the building is used for 1000 people, while the participants are only around 400 people, it does not make this event seem quiet. Especially in parallel technical sessions, which at the conference were generally quiet, but at this event remained crowded. The least number of participants who filled in a parallel room with a capacity of 80 was around 30 people, with the highest number of 80 people.

In general, the implementation of this congress as congress in general. But slightly different is at this congress there is a special event for young professionals (Young Professional Day) to share, increased confidence, and build relationships. This event marked the beginning to establish the ASEAN Community Young Surveyors Network (YASN).

Neat, simple but not eliminate the impression of luxury, as well as effective in executing activities. In each session.

26 Agustus 2019
Indonesian Indonesian Surveyor Association
Wisma Angsana Unit U No 1
Jalan Rajawali Timur Pejaten Timur, Jakarta.

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