Professional Harmonization Meeting in the Field of Geospatial Information

Thursday, July 25, 2019 The Indonesian Surveyor Association (ISI) holds a meeting in order to harmonize the profession of the geospatial information sector to discuss the draft Regulation of the Geospatial Information Agency’s Head (PerKa BIG) which will regulate the surveyor profession in Indonesia.

The meeting was attended by Virgo Eresta Jaya (ISI), Lodewyck C. Suban (ISI), Wahyu Sri Harini (LSP ISI) Budhy Andono (ISI BOARD OF ETHICS), Syartoni (ISI), Benny Prawira (ISI), Harto Widodo (ISI) , Taufan Hananto N (ISI), Novi. T. (ISI LSP), Clava Ginting (ISI), Dzauqi A (ISI), Lucky Fakhriadi (ISI), Mutiara J (ISI), Arief Syafii (BIG), Sumaryono (BIG), Arief Dimas. K. (MASKI), Iwan Qadar Himawan (APSPIG), Yanes David Sidabutar (MHI), Nanang Hengky Suharto (MHI), Akhmad Riqqi (ITB), Yudi Ardianto (IKAGEOITS) and Didit E.S (KATDESI).

pak virgo

The meeting resulted :

  1. It was agreed that the forum for survey and mapping professions in Indonesia was ISI, which is institutionally better prepared both in its regional (AseanFlag) and international (FIG), ethical codes, professional standards and professional councils;
  1. The demands of the free labor market for ASEAN especially in the field of Surveying, require a professional legal protection for professional surveyors in order to protect IG service users and strengthen the profession.


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